Sunday, July 11, 2010

What is up with our family these days

I have gone blank as of what to blog about as of late, hence the reason I haven't kept you all updated the last month.  I don't like to write unless I feel inspired too and my inspiration has been dead.  Until now...
My last post was in May and since then my little sister got married.  It was a fun day as most weddings are. I was able to contain myself while standing by her side as she became Mrs Tyler.
Last week was Joe's Wilderness Trip for the camp. We took three high school guys down to Bedford IN for some mountain biking. I was able to go with them for two of the 4 days.  I had so much fun! I totally miss playing on my bike in the woods.  My legs don't look like they had fun though. I had around 10 bruises and a nice long cut on the back of my leg from my petal getting in the way. 
We are more than halfway through summer camp. It is hard to believe summer is almost over.  It always feels like camp just gets started and then you blink and it is over and everything around me feels dead and quiet.
I turned 30 last week.  It isn't that bad being 30. Sure I know I am older but I still feel young and do just as much now as I did when I was 20.
Jake is walking like it is his job.  He started about three weeks ago just after he turned 9 months and he is so cute walking around like Frankenstein.  He isn't saying anything except Dada and sometimes Mama.  He loves to eat though! Oh my goodness! He could sit in his highchair for 45 min and shovel it down like it was his last meal. He is a Wisley!  It looks like he is going to be a lefty. He uses it a lot when he eats and picks things up.
I am most certainly not ready for this next bit of news which will come as a surprise as it did for Joe and I but we have another bun in the oven.  It apparently has been cooking for about 4 weeks now.  Looks like the boring month of March is going to be an exciting one for us next year.  I find it rather funny actually.  I wanted to cry when I found out, but I just laughed instead.  I always did say I wanted to have my babies close together.
well, there you have it. My life for the last 6 weeks.