Monday, August 15, 2011

Lots of stuff happening here!

Summer camp has come to a close so it is so quiet here compared to the last 12 weeks! I miss it already but am relieved for Joe who has put so much of himself into camp! It is tired and in need of rest to revive himself from a long, hard but wonderful summer! We couldn't say enough about our summer staff this summer! They worked so hard and made this one of our best summers! So now we still continue to work hard but at a different pace. We still have rental groups on a weekly basis and school groups are coming in for a day of team building.
Jake , Wade and I enjoyed all of our time out and about walking around the camp, having meals with the campers, making new friends, swimming in the pool, visiting my mom and dad north of Chicago in their new home, enjoying spending time with Joe's brother and wife who are moving here to work at the camp with us!
I have been working on Potty Training Jake this past week. He has done awesome! Everyone tells me how hard it is for boys but he proved the rumors wrong! In less than a day I had him peeing in the toilet and on day four was pooing in the toilet! I am relieved to be done buying him diapers, and with Wade in Cloth that means I spend a lot less each month! More money for our vacation to Puerto Rico this coming January!
Well this is short and sweet! I haven't had internet at my house for about two weeks, which in a way has been nice!