Friday, October 14, 2011

the girls all grown up!

I know you all may not know the ladies in this picture so I will introduce you. From the left. Nicola my cousin from my mom's brother. Love her to pieces! We are a few years apart in age and grew up together. She is like a sister to me! In many ways we are a lot alike.
Krista who is Nicola's older sister. She was born the same year as me. She is also like a sister to me. She can be a goof ball which is one of the things I love best about her. She is also like a sister to me. We grew up playing with barbies, and playing dress up.
Heather -The Bride- My dear sister two years younger. We have an understanding of each other. I am very blessed to have had a sister close to me in age. We shared so many things, some not willingly. I remember our nasty fights, but more so I remember our good talks in our room before bed. We loved to play together and laugh together. We became really good at belching the ABC's. I know, weird, but that is who we are, weird. Lot's of people don't get our humor and may think it is dumb or obnoxious, but we are secure in who we are and so long as no one gets hurt we enjoy a good laugh.
Kim - my other sister 7 years younger. I never thought I would develop such a deep and close relationship with a sister 7 years younger than me. I think the younger siblings are almost forced to grow up faster as I notice Kim maturing much faster than I did. She has been married for a year and a half to a man of God. Love her goofy, fun loving personality. Kim and I also have a special connection and understanding that I hope we never let go of. There is something special about a baby sister. Though young I still learn things from her. She went from the annoying younger sister that was ganged up on by Heather and me to a confident and caring person that I have come to admire.
My most cherished memories are with one or all of these lovely ladies. I wish I lived closer to them. There is nothing better than a sister and cousins that feel like sister's!