Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping for Jeans is not fun anymore

I went shopping today with a friend at a cute little boutique of gently used clothes in Gas City.  I was in the market for a new pair of jeans since I am still wearing my maternity jeans. That hurts to admit because I thought I would have been back in my pre-preggo clothes by now!  Ugh! I walked into the boutique wearing confidence on my sleeve and went straight for the size 6 rack thinking that I could probably squeeze into a wide leg pair of 6's.  On my way to the fitting room I grabbed a couple of size 8 jeans off the rack just in case.  Well, that "just in case" came a lot faster then I wanted it to when I couldn't even pull the 6's up over my child bearing hips!  I wanted to scream out loud! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  "Are you kidding me." I thought to myself. I knew deep down that they wouldn't fit, fit, but I figured I would be able to get them over my hips.  "Okay, moving on."  Now to try a slightly bigger size. "Hey at least I am not in the double digits!" I again thought to myself.  Being a small boned, short and petite girl I think being under a size ten is very reasonable. I took a deep breath and without hesitation put my right leg into the pant and then the left. With a little jump and a tug I was able to slide them over my hips! "Yes!" Now to get them zipped up and buttoned. Success! Sort of. They were zipped and buttoned, but as far as the comfort of the fit, they are so-so. At least it will help motivate me to lose a couple more pounds so that I didn't waste my money on them.  I would have never spent full price for them since they came from The Gap so at least I only paid 1/4 of what they would have been new.  How depressing! I used to like shopping for clothes. Oh well! Jake was worth it.

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